Schrijf in mijn gastenboek
  • Helmut Köhl (22 februari 2012): Helmut K:ohl Mex • Dear Marjo, I found it very lovly that you open your studio and experience to other artists through your article. Read Marjo's article: It is showing a lot of your personallity. Yesterday in a radio conference the Jazz-Pianist RANDY WESTON commented on his friend KELA CUTI from Nigeria saying: “ Playing your instrument is not enough. You have this tallent for a reason. You have to serve your communitty, you have to serve humanity.Then you are a true artist. Have a look at the work of an other spanish artist called: JOAN HERNÁNDEZ PIJUAN, I love his work and not to forget PIERRE ALECHINSKY from Belgium, the youngest artist of the COBRA-Group, personal friend of mine. I had the honor, to show him and his wife Miki Oaxaca, Mexico and seroundings. We had one of the most striking experience together with TEODORA BLANCO, a skulpture and chaman, my second mother really. I will tell you the story in person. Love to you and we call such people like you good compañeras.
  • Rolley (9 februari 2012): What wonderful texture paintings. I paint using texture as well !!!! www.rolley-art
  • Margaret Rayner (5 september 2011): Hi Marjo Just been looking at your new work. So much in 2011!! As Vivian said I too found it very interesting and liked it very much. A little different from some of your earlier work we looked at, at Kerver.
  • corrie (31 augustus 2011): hoi marjo, mooie nieuwe werken, heerlijk creeeren en zoeken naar nieuwe uitbeeldingen compliment liefs corrie